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helps you to connect to a match that suits you the best to be your life long partner. Intikhaab asks you, "what are you and what do you want in your life partner?" and takes it to the whole world and brings the whole world to you.

What is Intikhaab?

Intikhaab is an online platform that is using  modern technology and techniques attached with its unique and effective system to solve one of the most common issues of our times which certainly is to find compatible matches for yourself or your loved ones. Intikhaab encourages responsible individuals as well as families to come forward in order to find perfect life partners. Family involvement is a major component for making a successful, reliable and a trustworthy platform. Long waits and unmatched marriages have created a paramount need for a platform like Intikhaab.

Intikhaab's Goals

We want you to go beyond your bounadries across the globe searching for the best suited life partners. And that can easily be done by intikhaab, sitting right at your place, your friend's place, relative's place or in an Internet cafe in a quick and a remarkable way with a complete privacy and security. The biggest goal of intikhaab is embarking on a personal exploration of a life partner in a very civilized and traditional way. We are working closely with local engaging people, respected community members and heads of different organizations, institutes and establishments to bring people to our platform. We want to empower individuals and families to come forward and have their say without any social and family pressures. Its a place where decisions are made by choice, a channelized way of finding life partners. We have institutionalized the whole procedure by proudly keeping our traditions alive and sticking to our cultural norms. We are working on all those factors that are keeping people from finding good life partners.

A Revolutionary Platform 

We have planned to make a revolutionary platform, where we give an option to say "Yes" or "No" to dowry and expensive wedding functions, where we give a chance to choose a partner from a selected or a favourite country and city of the world in a very simple and effective way with a lot of options. People with widowed and divorced status are also encouraged to settle down in their lives once again. We have made the whole procedure very straight forward, fast and transparent by using mobile phone numbers as USER IDs.

Where is Intikhaab?

Intikhaab may be based in Lahore but its being used across the globe. It's taking you to thousands of people who are looking forward to meet someone just like you. We are committed to work closely in order to find you a right match for a life-long time period by giving experts's tips as well for a successful and a happy married life. We welome every one weather you belong to anywhere, any ethnicity, any religion, any region, any sect, any caste, any class or any group.

Let's work together for making the world a better place for everyone.

Taking responsibility is necessary for a long-term relationship.
High Profile Person
Mingling, knowing and being nice to people make you a high profile person.
Long Lasting Impression
Taking first step towards your vision with confidence and respect for others leaves a long lasting impression.